All-in-One Wireless Mic with On-Board REC

Brand : BOYA



The BOYAMIC is a portable 2.4GHz wireless microphone system. It features high-performance noise cancellation, which is available for improving the recording effect in a noisy environment. It also boasts a remarkable onboard recording which is available for storing your recording files in real-time. The BOYAMIC is perfect for live streaming, vlogging, mobile journalism, and more. What's more, equipped with a low-cut filter, the wireless microphone can eliminate unwanted low-frequency noise (75Hz/150Hz or lower) in your recording.

  • Up to 300 meters of wireless transmission.
  • Separate noise cancellation control - 48kHz/ 24bit HD audio format retained.
  • Wide-range 20-20,000Hz frequency response - deliver exceptional high-quality sound.
  • 8G memory storage & up to 15 hours of recording.
  • Up to 10 hours of operating time (about 6 hours when the onboard recording is enabled).
  • Comes with a windproof capsule - minimize unwanted wind noise.
  • Attach the transmitter can be to your clothes with the included magnet.
  • Rotating clasp-type fur windshield, not easy to fall off.
  • Receiver’s 3.5mm headphone output - monitor your audio in real-time or playback audio.

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