USB Microphone



The BY-CM1 Desktop USB Microphone is a type of microphone that can be connected to a computer or other device through a USB port. This makes it convenient for use with live streaming, video conferencing, e-sports gaming, or other activities that require high-quality audio capture.

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The BOYA BY-PM500 USB condenser microphone features with cardioid and omnidirectional pickup patterns with 24bit/48kHz high resolution sampling rates.

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The BOYA BY-PM700SP is a professional USB condenser microphone, and compatible with most of iOS devices, Android devices, Windows and Mac computers. It is deal for home-studio recording, podcasting, video conference calls, vocals, instruments recording etc.

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The BOYA BY-PM700 is a USB condenser microphone, and compatible with Windows, Mac Computers and smartphone with a Type-C jack.

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