Desktop USB Microphone


BOYA BY-CM1 BOYA BY-CM1 + Why Eta Type C to C

Brand : BOYA




The BY-CM1 Desktop USB Microphone is a type of microphone that can be connected to a computer or other device through a USB port. This makes it convenient for use with live streaming, video conferencing, e-sports gaming, or other activities that require high-quality audio capture.


  • Deliver high-quality audio with noise reduction & low latency technology
  • Ideal for live streaming, video conference, e-sports game, or music recording
  • Wear-resistant desktop microphone stand
  • Plug & play with Type C audio output
  • One-key mute to quickly turn off the local sound
  • No driver required & interchangeable cable design
  • Adjustable angle: 60 degrees up & down

Dual Noise Reduction - Strong Combination of Physics & Magic
Featuring a DSP noise reduction chip, algorithm filtering noise, cardioid directional noise-canceling, plus physical noise filtering, the BY-CM1 improves 60% the noise reduction effect compared with BOYA-M1.
9.7MM Microphone - Superior Enjoyment
BY-CM1 is designed with recording-grade microphone & 9.7MM microphone to restore the surging sound quality.
Millisecond - Low Latency Design 
Stuck in a key moment? The BY-CM1 adopts millisecond-level low-latency design for stable signal transmission with low occupancy.
16Bit/48kHz-Sound to the Ear & more to the Heart
A richly layered call experience, the sound from the BY-CM1 is not thin & dry, but stable in performance also warm in tone.
Physical Mute Button - 100,000 Times Click Test
The BY-CM1 can be turned off with just one touch, so as to avoid the interruption of calls caused by unexpected situations.
Interchangeable Cables & Wide Compatibility 
With a drive-free design & interchangeable cables, the BY-CM1 is widely compatible with tablets, Mac/Windows computers, or mobile phones (Type-C interface).


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