BOYA BY-XM6-K2 2.4GHz Ultra-compact Wireless Microphone System Kit


The BOYA BY-XM6-S2 ส่ง1รับ1ไมค์ไร้สาย 2.4GHz แบตเตอร์รี่ในตัว มาพร้อมก่อนชาร์จ พกพาง่าย สำหรับ vlog วิดีโอ YouTube, สตรีมมิงแบบสด, สัมภาษณ์, การบันทึก ฯลฯ


 • Ideal for two-person vlog,
    YouTube video, live streaming,interview, recording, etc.
 • Compatible with DSLR, mirrorless
    camera, smartphone,and computer.
 • 2.4GHz wireless signal transmission technology.
 •  Hi-Fi and low-noise audio processing and delivering system.
 • Built with easy-to-use, vivid, and informative OLED display.
 • Built-in omnidirectional microphone and a lavalier
   microphone on transmitter.
 • Headphone output jack on receiver for real-time monitoring.
 • Stereo and mono outputs are available and switchable
   on receiver.
 • Built-in Li-ion batteries for 7h use on transmitter and 6.5h
   use on receiver.
 • Up to 100m (328ft) operation range without obstacles.
 • Equipped with a portable charging case 
 • Double the working hours


The BOYA BY-XM6-K2, a 2.4GHz adaptive frequency hopping wireless microphone system, consists of two transmitter, one receiver, as well as a charging case. It’s a perfect sound capturing, meanwhile delivering solution for two-person vlog, YouTube video, live streaming, interview, recording, etc.
Advanced Technology for Stable Signal Transmission
The BY-XM6 K2 adopts advanced Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) wireless signal transmission technology, which can make the microphone avoid the disturbed hop frequency parts automatically to realize stable signal transmission in the range of up to 100m (328ft), without obstacle.
Professional Audio Capturing & Delivering
Featuring a high-quality capsule, signal processing circuit with a signal-to-noise over 84dB as well as a distortion rate less than 0.1%, the microphone captures meanwhile delivers high-quality , clear & low-noise audio.
Ultra-versatile & Ease-to-use Wireless Microphone Kit
With vivid & easy-to-read OLED display on transmitters and receiver, users can adjust the signal transmission precisely. Moreover the transmitter is also designed with a built-in omnidirectional microphone, so users can clip the transmitter on the collar to pick up sounds, while they can also plug a lavalier microphone into transmitter’s MIC IN jack for sound capturing. Plus, this microphone kit is equipped with both 3.5mm TRS-TRS audio cable as well as a 3.5mm TRS-TRRS audio cable. So it can work well with your DSLR or mirrorless camera, smartphone or computer etc.
The BY-XM6 K2 comes equipped with a portable yet powerful charging case, which makes it can be easily carried outdoors. With the built-in powerful battery, the charging case enables both the receiver & transmitters to be fully charged at the same time, without any cable required. Furthermore, The power indicator on the charging case allows the battery capacity as well as charging status can be easily checked.

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