BOYA BY-WM4 PRO K6 Wireless Microphone Type-C (Android)


• Ideal for Tiktok, Youtube, vlogging, facebook, podcast, mobile journalism and more. • Ultra-compact and miniature-size for receiver. • Compatible with most of Android devices and other Type-C devices. • Super-clear recording sound. • Omnidirectional lavalier microphone included. • Selectable stereo and mono mode. • Master volume control. • Up to 60m (197ft) operation range (without obstacles).



**ไม่เหมาะสำหรับไป LIVE Facebookในงานอิเว้น ,งานแฟร์  อาจจะเจอสัญญาณขาดๆหายๆได้ *

โทรศัพท์ที่ไม่สามารถ LIVE ได้ ยี่ห้อดังนี้ HUAWEI ,OPPO , VIVO , (Samsung สามารถใช้ได้แค่บ้างรุ่น)
Product Description

2.4G Wireless Microphone System

Digital 2.4 GHZ frequency band; Ultracompact, portable and easy-to use; Dual-channel wireless receiver

High-quality Transmission

The system works at distances of Up to 60m (197ft) operation range (line of sight), operating on the 2.4 GHz frequency band, offering flexibility and giving you a low-latency audio transmission with no video sync issues.

Support 2 Transmitters & USB Type-C Receiver

Designed for USB Type-C Devices. It consists of 2 body-pack transmitters , a wireless receiver with a USB Type-C connector, supports 2 person recording simutaneously


Specifications of BOYA BY-WM4 Pro UAB Type-C Wireless Lavalier Microphone



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